next year, I’m taking the second part to an International Nutrition class, just for fun! very jealous that there will be a new major within the Faculty of Land and Food Systems for International Nutrition, that involves completing a 3 month international field studies course.. anywho, I’m in the midst of having some “what do I want to do with my life” anxiety with dilemmas of debating if I want to do something student development based and staying within my UBC niche, branching off into the clinical side of dietetics, maybe pursuing some community nutrition education, or something that includes most of the above. so, to confuse myself even more, I’m ¬†thinking of summer 2013 already and networking with my FNH455 (International Nutrition) prof to possibly help her with some abroad research. why not, eh? something I’ve wanted to do for a few years, and may be given the opportunity to finally see if international nutrition research may be my thing. I love being that 20 something who really doesn’t know whereeeee she wants to take her degree/ work experience/ skill set and just trying out a bunch of things.

still waiting for that epiphany on life.. I’m only 21.. this is normal, right?¬†